About Schmidt  (Gabriel Shanks)
Adaptation  (Gabriel Shanks)
A.I.  (Jill Cozzi)
Adventures of Felix, The  (Gabriel Shanks)
All About My Mother  (Gabriel Shanks)
All I Wanna Do  (Jill Cozzi)
All the Pretty Horses  (Gabriel Shanks)
Almost Famous  (Jill Cozzi)
American Beauty  (Jill Cozzi)
American Psycho  (Jill Cozzi(Gabriel Shanks)
Analyze This  (Jill Cozzi)
Anti-Trust   (Jill Cozzi)
Apostle, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me   (Jill Cozzi)

Beach, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Before Night Falls  Gabriel Shanks
Being John Malkovich   (Jill Cozzi)
Beloved   (Jill Cozzi)
Billy Elliot   (Jill Cozzi)
Black Hawk Down (Gabriel Shanks)
Boiler Room  (Gabriel Shanks)
Bourne Identity, The  (Gabriel Shanks)

Bowling For Columbine   (Gabriel Shanks)
Bringing Out the Dead (Gabriel Shanks)
Boys Don't Cry   (Jill Cozzi)

Cast Away (Gabriel Shanks)
Catch Me If You Can (Gabriel Shanks)
Cat's Meow (Jill Cozzi)
Celebrity   (Jill Cozzi)
Chicago (Gabriel Shanks)
Chicken Run  (Jill Cozzi)
Charlotte Gray  (Jill Cozzi and Gabriel Shanks - "Critics Over Coffee" review)
Cider House Rules, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Cradle Will Rock, The  (Jill Cozzi)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  (Gabriel Shanks)

Dancer in the Dark   (Jill Cozzi)
Dangerous Beauty   (Jill Cozzi)
Die Another Day   (Gabriel Shanks)
Dinner Rush (Gabriel Shanks)
Dogma   (Jill Cozzi)
Drift (Gabriel Shanks)

EdTV (Jill Cozzi)
8 Mile  (Jill Cozzi)
Election   (Jill Cozzi)
Elizabeth  (Elisa Francesca Roselli) (Jill Cozzi)
Erin Brockovich (Gabriel Shanks)
eXistenZ   (Jill Cozzi)
Eyes Wide Shut   (Jill Cozzi)

Far From Heaven   (Gabriel Shanks)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas   (Jill Cozzi)
Flawless   (Gabriel Shanks)
Frailty (Jill Cozzi)
Frida   (Gabriel Shanks)

Gangs Of New York  (Jill Cozzi(Gabriel Shanks)
Gladiator   (Barbara Matul-Kalamar)
Gods and Monsters   (Jill Cozzi)
Good Girl, The  (Jill Cozzi)
Good Will Hunting   (Jill Cozzi)
Gone in 60 Seconds   (Jill Cozzi)   (Gabriel Shanks)
Gosford Park  Jill Cozzi
Grey Zone, THe  Jill Cozzi

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone   (Jill Cozzi)
Haunting, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Hearts in Atlantis
(Jill Cozzi)
Heaven   (Gabriel Shanks)
Hideous Kinky   (Jill Cozzi)
High Fidelity   (Jill Cozzi)
Hilary and Jackie   (Jill Cozzi)
Holy Smoke   (Jill Cozzi)
Home Fries   (Jill Cozzi)
House of Mirth, The   (Jill Cozzi)
How Stella Got Her Groove Back  (Jill Cozzi)
Human Nature   (Jeff Huston)

Ideal Husband, An  (Jill Cozzi)
Importance of Being Earnest, The
(Gabriel Shanks)
Insider, The  (Jill Cozzi)
Invisible Circus, The  (Jill Cozzi)
Iris  (Jill Cozzi)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back   (Jill Cozzi)

Keeping the Faith   (Jill Cozzi)

Last Orders (Jill Cozzi)
Late Marriage (Jill Cozzi)
Legend of 1900, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Legend of Bagger Vance, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Limey, The (Gabriel Shanks)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Jill Cozzi)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Gabriel Shanks)
Love and Death on Long Island  (Jill Cozzi)
Lovely and Amazing  (Jill Cozzi)
Love Letter, The  (Jill Cozzi)

Ma Femme est une Actrice (My Wife is an Actress)   (Jill Cozzi)
Man on the Moon   (Jill Cozzi)
Man Who Wasn't There, The (Jill Cozzi)
Max   (Gabriel Shanks)
Meet Joe Black   (Jill Cozzi)
Meet the Parents   (Jill Cozzi)
Mickey Blue Eyes   (Jill Cozzi)
Midsummer Night's Dream, A   (Jill Cozzi)
Minority Report   (Jill Cozzi)
Monsoon Wedding   (Jill Cozzi)
Moulin Rouge   (Gabriel Shanks)  (Jill Cozzi)
Mummy, The   (Jill Cozzi)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Jill Cozzi)

My Dog Skip   (Jill Cozzi)
Mystery Men   (Jill Cozzi)

Narc   (Gabriel Shanks)
Ninth Gate, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Notting Hill   (Jill Cozzi)

One True Thing   (Jill Cozzi)
Others, The (Jill Cozzi)

Patriot, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Pecker  (Jill Cozzi)
Perfect Storm, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Pianist, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Playing By Heart   (Jill Cozzi)
Pleasantville   (Jill Cozzi)
Possession   (Jill Cozzi)
Proof of Life   (Gabriel Shanks)
Punch-Drunk Love  (Gabriel Shanks)
Pushing Tin   (Jill Cozzi)

Quills   (Gabriel Shanks)
Quiet American, The   (Gabriel Shanks)

Ravenous   (Jill Cozzi)
Road to Perdition  (Jill Cozzi)
Roger Dodger  (Gabriel Shanks)
Rookie, The  (Jill Cozzi)
Rounders   (Jill Cozzi)
Rushmore   (Jill Cozzi)

Saving Grace   (Jill Cozzi)
Saving Private Ryan   (Jill Cozzi)
Serendipity   (Jill Cozzi)
Shadow of the Vampire   (Jill Cozzi)
Shaft   (Gabriel Shanks)
Shanghai Noon   (Jill Cozzi)
Shakespeare in Love   (Jill Cozzi)
Shipping News, The  (Gabriel Shanks)
Simple Plan, A   (Jill Cozzi)
Sixth Sense, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Sleepy Hollow   (Gabriel Shanks)
Small Time Crooks   (Jill Cozzi)
Snatch (Gabriel Shanks)
Solaris (Gabriel Shanks)
Solomon and Gaenor   (Jill Cozzi)
Spider-Man (Jill Cozzi)
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones  (Barbara Matul-Kalamar) (Jill Cozzi)
Standing in the Shadows of Motown  (Gabriel Shanks)
Summer of Sam   (Jill Cozzi)
Sunshine State (Jill Cozzi)
Sweet and Lowdown   (Jill Cozzi)
Sweet Home Alabama   (Jill Cozzi)

3 Kings  (Jill Cozzi)   (Gabriel Shanks)
13th Warrior, The   (Gabriel Shanks)
Talented Mr. Ripley, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Talk To Her  (Gabriel Shanks)
Tarzan  (Jill Cozzi)
Tea with Mussolini   (Jill Cozzi)
This is My Father   (Jill Cozzi)
Titanic   (Jill Cozzi)
Titan AE   (Jill Cozzi)
Trip, The   (Gabriel Shanks)
Truman Show, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Truth About Charlie, The   (Gabriel Shanks)
Tuck Everlasting  (Jill Cozzi)
Tumbleweeds  (Jill Cozzi)
25th Hour   (Gabriel Shanks)
Twin Falls Idaho   (Jill Cozzi)
Two Girls and a Guy   (Jill Cozzi)

Up at the Villa   (Jill Cozzi)
Unbreakable  (Gabriel Shanks)
Unfaithfu(Jill cozzi)

Virgin Suicides, The   (Jill Cozzi)

Walk on the Moon, A   (Jill Cozzi)
Way of the Gun, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Where the Heart Is   (Jill Cozzi)
Winslow Boy, The   (Jill Cozzi)
Wonder Boys   (Jill Cozzi)
Wood, The   (Gabriel Shanks)
World is Not Enough, The   (Gabriel Shanks)

X-Men   (Jill Cozzi)

You Can Count On Me   (Jill Cozzi)  (Gabriel Shanks)
You've Got Mail (Jill Cozzi)
Y Tu Mama Tambien (Gabriel Shanks)

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